Monday, March 16, 2015

How Much Use Do you Give Your Garage Door?

Interesting fact shared by our friends at Smokey's Garage Doors, AZ:

FACT: Opening and closing your garage door for work each day amounts to 500 times a year!

Keep in mind that this is only calculating one person in the household, opening and closing the door just 5 days per week. Add to that all the other members of our household and all the other times a day and on weekends that we use our garage doors. It adds up to quite a bit of use. So be sure to conduct your own preliminary inspection of your garage door components. If you notice anything not working properly, call your local garage door professional. In Palm Beach County, Martin County or Port St. Lucie, FL, call us at 561-747-3332. Keep your garage door and opener operating smoothly and safely.